Fair Cocoa – Bean to Bin
Tamara Schuhwerk

Fair Cocoa – Bean to Tin

In the world of chocolate the term "bean to bar" tells you that every step from the bean to the chocolate bar was performed by the chocolatiers themselves for highest quality. BecksCocoa is not a chocolate maker and relies on various partners. But there's one thing we can guarantee in our cocoa production: Our cocoa is fair „from bean to tin“ – from the cocoa bean all the way to our sustainable tin can. 

Nature is the source of our raw materials. And we see fairness as a commitment to act socially responsible towards people and nature, all along the supply chain, from the origins to our production site here in Stephanskirchen (Bavaria).

100% organical farming and climate-friendly processing

Being respectful to nature and the people living off it means that all raw materials must be grown organically. This prevents soil depletion, ensures biological diversity and protects farmers from undue health risks during cultivation and harvest. 

Harvesting, fermentation and open air drying are all manual steps with a very small carbon footprint. To find out what it takes to transform cocoa beans into cocoa powder we recommend our Cocoa Basics blog post.

100% Fair Trade Ingredients

Most of the spiced BecksCocoa Premium cocoas are made from quality Forastero beans, a very resilient variety we source from fair trade partners in the Dominican Republic, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

Our Criollo powder is made from Peruvian Criollo beans. The "Especials" are a regular feature in our range dedicated to a single cocoa variety from a specified origin. At the moment we offer the Especial No. 4 from the Dominican Republic and the Especial No. 5 from Tanzania. 

The home of our vanilla pods is Madagascar. Our raw cane sugar is produced in Brazil or Paraguay. We make sure our local traders buy directly from cooperatives that have proven reliable over many years. With this approach we cut out intermediaries and make sure that farmers acquire new skills and know how.

15,000 Euros annual Fair Trade Bonus for fair Cocoa

Fair Trade is a mission that is about more than ensuring fair work and production. It rewards smallhold farmers with a direct bonus (Fairtrade Premium) or a bonus paid via the cooperative. The funds go into community projects to improve healthcare, water quality or education. BecksCocoa supports this scheme with a  € 15,000 Premium contribution.

Fair Transport

Or cocoa is not delivered straight to our facilities. Before, the nibs need need to be ground in a cocoa mill. Since there is only a limited number of those specialist mills our most important raw material  is usually shipped to France, ground and hauled to Stephanskirchen. 

We don't know how much carbon dioxide is produced along that route and as it is there is very little we can do about it. But where we can impact the footprint we are all the more careful to preserve resources. 

Fair Packaging: Locally produced recyclable tins

100% recyclable and local production - those were the requirements we set out for the BecksCocoa packaging. We were actually quite fortunate to find the right partner. Their factory is only 20 miles from Stephanskirchen and produces cans made out of uncoated tin plate. 

Once you've peeled off the paper sleeve you can discard both materials separately. But the dust bin needn't be the end of the road: With its stylish and practical design (cue airtight seal) there is a myriad of ways to reuse the BecksCocoa can. 

As enclosure for home-made sweets it can start a second career, or used as a pot for your kitchen herbs, as a pen holder or in one of the many other ways our blogger Lena suggests. 

Needless to say our approach also includes our Stephanskirchen staff. A BecksCocoa in your cupboard comes with a wow factor, and with the wide range of flavours you are sure to discover new notes again and again. Enjoy safe in the knowledge that everyone involved got a fair deal!

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