BecksCocoa specialty Chais

Spicy, fruity, exotic. Our Tribute to the Indian Spice Tea.

All of India's flavours in one cup of tea : When Michael Beck masterminded our Spice series he first explored what India's national masala chai is all about. Traditionally, tea vendors called “chai wallahs“ prepare their concoction by simmering or boiling spices such as cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger, white pepper, cloves and nutmeg in black tea for several hours. The intense masala aroma that builds up is in line with Ayurvedic tradition. In Europe masala tea is known as “chai“. And what's the secret behind the perfect chai? “For me, it's the interplay between selected spices and black tea, hot milk and moderate additions of sugar“, says Michael Beck. “That's exactly what makes chai so well-balanced and invigorating“.

Which spice combination particularly appeals to the individual tea connoisseur is as individual as the multitude of aromas. The BecksCocoa Spice series includes two organic chais specialties. What they have in common is that they are less sweet than usual and thus transport the spice aroma particularly well. The variety Om with black tea and the typical spices of the country has a stimulating and relaxing effect at the same time.

  Matcha meets marzipan? But yes! The Sono variety combines these two flavors into a harmonious, fresh mixture - rounded off with a hint of pistachio.


Indian black tea meets typical spices. The classic chai from BecksCocoa.


Matcha, marzipan and a hint of pistachio. A harmonious, fresh chai.

Iced Chai Latte
Ice-cold and spicy

This alternative take on classic chai latte revives and refreshes – with a blend of Indian spices and ice cubes from your home's freezer. The best about it: preparing it takes less time than saying “ice-cold and spicy“.