BecksCocoa Frappés

Iced Delights. For hot Summer Months and beyond.

Liquid chocolate wonders meet iced joy. This is just what happens when you enjoy your favourite hot drink deliciously chilled. The iced alternative can be enjoyed in two bestselling variations. A BecksCocoa Frappé is the perfect companion for those hot days – and beyond. After all, the passion for frappés and smoothies is an all-season virtue.

Our Frappé Nude is a viscous, bitter sweet drinking chocolate refined with bourbon vanilla and a hint of coconut. Our white chocolate Frappé White Wedding is perfect for frozen latte or – combined with pineapple – for a non-alcoholic Piña Bianca.

To all those who fancy to try the iced sibling of the classic cup of hot cocoa Michael Beck recommends the BecksCocoa Basis. Just one Basis bag for each 250g can is enough. All you need apart from that to whirl up your own deliciously cold creation is a few ice cubes, milk and a food processor. 

 Frappé Nude 

Bitter sweet drinking chocolate. Refined with Bourbon vanilla and coconut.

 Frappé White Wedding  

White chocolate meets Bourbon vanilla meets coconut. A wedding in the best sense of the word.

Strawberry smoothie

Fresh fruit plus bitter sweet frappé chocolate melt into a delicious strawberry smoothie. Incidentally, the name was inspired by the drink's unique appearance owing to the tiny seeds.