The BecksCocoa Philosophy

Organic Quality. Fair Trade. Maximum Cocoa Enjoyment.

The bean is where it all begins.  The passion for excellent cocoa. And the promise to create an extravagant drink for connoisseurs. Based in Stephanskirchen south of Munich we have grown to become a producer that fuses the passion for the bean with experience, sales strength and know how – always making sure to conserve the brand's core values.

Our responsibility towards the local growers and the focus on organic and fair trade raw materials are the mainstays of our business. The only way for our cocoa growers to earn a good livelihood is to sell their produce at a fair price. And that's why we source directly and under fair trade regulations, making sure resources are used sustainably and production processes are transparent.

 And that approach works: The beans and sugars in all BecksCocoa products are organic and fair trade. All other ingredients are “all natural“ – made without any additives and wherever possible in organic quality. Pure cocoa enjoyment and a world-class product are the result of the dedication that our customers, staff and retailers invest. But it all starts with our cocoa farmers. After all they are the ones who plant and raise the trees and harvest the beans, the mainstay of our specialty cocoas.