The BecksCocoa frappes.

Ice-cold treats. Perfect for the hot days of summer, but not only!

Delicious chocolatey drinks meet ice-cold treats. When you want to enjoy your favourite hot drink as a cold beverage, a BecksCocoa frappe really hits the spot. The summer treat in two best-selling varieties is perfect for the hot days of summer, but not only! Frappes and smoothies are in season all year round.

Our  Frappé Nude is a smooth, tangy drinking chocolate refined with bourbon vanilla and a hint of coconut. White chocolate is the base for our  Frappé White Wedding, finely seasoned with bourbon vanilla and coconut. Perfect for frozen lattes or with pineapple for a virgin Piña Bianca.

If you want to enjoy your classic hot chocolate as an iced chocolate drink, Michael Beck has just the thing: BecksCocoa Basis. With a pouch of Basis per 250-gram tin of cocoa, a few ice cubes and milk, you can create your own delicious cold treat in a blender.


Frappé Nude

Bittersweet drinking chocolate. Refined with bourbon vanilla and coconut.


Frappé White Wedding

White chocolate meets bourbon vanilla and coconut. A wedding in the best sense of the word.



Strawberry smoothie

Fresh fruit plus bittersweet iced chocolate melt into a delicious strawberry smoothie. We call this creation "Freckles". Why? The tiny strawberry seeds give this drink its unique appearance.

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