Michael Beck.

Inventor. Founder. In short: the face of BecksCocoa.

Like no other, Michael Beck stands for the self-imposed standard of BecksCocoa: "Nothing else was good enough for me". Almost 20 years ago, this sentence was the point of departure and the motivation for the foundation of BecksCocoa. And because the best things come into being when demanding people discover something for themselves and let their passion guide them, Michael Beck continues to redefine cocoa today. In his home kitchen in the Westend neighbourhood of Munich, he experiments with flavours, cocoa intensities and varieties until he creates products which are much more than "good enough", namely individual and sometimes extravagant cocoa specialities which hint at the passion of the inventor in every sip and every bite.

"To me, cocoa is an absolutely primary and honest term which radiates warmth and comfort", says Michael Beck. That is why "cocoa" is a component of the company name. "I associate cocoa with everything - the plant, the fruit and the seeds. All of that together is the basis for my cocoa". This integrated approach did not come out of the blue. As a trained gardener, Michael Beck also associates his interest in botany to the fruit which gives BecksCocoa its name: "I love nature, playing with colours, combining herbs, fragrances and flavours. You can do this with cocoa as well you can in the garden".

Bei aller Begeisterungsfähigkeit für neue Geschmacksmischungen: Dass der Kakao die Hauptrolle in jedem Sachet und jeder Dose spielt ist für Michael Beck unbestritten. Seine Gewürzkombinationen setzt er mit Zurückhaltung ein, gerade so, dass der individuelle Charakter einer Kakaomischung unterstrichen, nicht aber überdeckt wird. Denn: „Das wichtigste am Kakao ist der Kakao selbst! Genuss pur – Kakao macht einfach glücklich!“