The diversity of BecksCocoa.

100% fine cocoa. Organic quality. From fair-trade sources.

The best things come into being when demanding people discover something for themselves and let their passion guide them. Michael Beck combines the deep chocolately taste of fine cocoa with exotic spices, exquisite vanilla or fine spicy flavours. This is how BecksCocoa creates extravagant cocoa enjoyment in 14 classic and 2 Especial varieties. 

The hallmark of our exquisite drinking chocolates: The flavour of the brown bean is always in the foreground. Michael Beck makes sure of that with his keen sense of taste: “I measure out the aromas so that they highlight the character of a cocoa, not cover it. A fine, mild cocoa combined with the flavour of sun-ripened oranges – I think this is a perfect pairing. Or a deep chocolate cocoa with fine chili spice”. Organic, high-quality beans are what make for real drinking enjoyment. Our fine cocoas are obtained through free trade and originate in West Africa, Peru and Tanzania. 

With the exception of “White Wedding” and “The Fudge”, all of our varieties are vegan and do not contain animal products. Our fine cocoas are available either in resealable 250-gram designer tins or 25-gram test pouches. We also offer an extra-large 1.5-kilogram tin for the restaurant industry.



100 Prozent bester Kakao aus Südamerika. Ohne Zucker oder Zusätze.



Ceylon cinnamon meets a pinch or cardamom. One of our classics.


As I Went Out Walking

A homage to the lavender fields of the Provence. Discreet, subtle flavour.

Our classics.

Spicy, flowery or smooth. 14 exquisite taste experiences.

Kakaogenuss so individuell wie unser Geschmackssinn: Mit 14 einzigartigen The enjoyment of cocoa is as individual as our sense of taste: with 14 unique types of BecksCocoa, our cocoa connoisseur Michael Beck shows just how versatile the cocoa bean is and the harmony with which it can be mixed with herbs and other delicacies. His recipe for surprising and unusual worlds of enjoyment: "Always try out new flavour combinations, combine unusual flavours and experiment with herbs and essences". Our absolute classics are   Criollo, ein 100-prozentiger Kakao aus Südamerika, sowie Nude, , seasoned with fine bourbon vanilla. Popular classics are also Sinnermann, which combines real Ceylon cinnamon and a touch of cardamom and The Fudge, the perfect mixture of fine cocoa and toffee.

Also recommended for those who don't like liquorice:   Doctor No with a pinch of fine liquorice from Sicily. The  Chill Bill  and Hot Winter   varieties add a slight chili flavour to your mug - the latter is a great alternative to mulled wine.  As I Went Out Walking conjures up the lavender fields of the Provence with its flowery note. Flavours of amaretto and marzipan transports our  Amydala, the finest taste of mint characterises our  Before Nine  cocoa. Ginseng and bergamot harmonise perfectly in our Drachenherz. Our  Dschindscha is seasoned with ginger and a touch of allspice.  A Chockwork Orange provides smooth enjoyment with the flavour of sun-ripened oranges and  White Wedding is the optimal blend of white chocolate, coconut and vanilla.


Especial no. 5

A dark chocolate cocoa from Tanzania with earthy and woody notes which really melt in your mouth.


Especial no. 7

The South American cocoa from Peru is characterised by the slightly lemony flavour with passionfruit notes.

Our Especials.

Fine single-origin cocoas. An homage to the finest cocoa varieties in the world. 

The location of a cocoa plant shapes the character of its fruits. That is why the cocoas from our single-origin series are among the most interesting creations from Michael Beck. The series celebrates the different types of cocoa in this world and lets connoisseurs enjoy the unadulterated flavour of the different locations. Especial no. 5  is a dark chocolate cocoa from Tanzania whose earthy and woody notes melt in your mouth. With 72% cocoa content, this delicious beverage from Africa is at its chocolatiest.

Our  Especial no. 7 is a fruity taste sensation. The South American cocoa from Peru characterised by the slightly lemony flavour with passionfruit notes has an optimal cocoa content of 60%. Other single-origin cocoas are in the works. So keep checking back to see what's new!


Criollo cocoa shaker

A tasty topping: a tart cocoa powder without sugar or additives.


Sinnermann cocoa shaker

Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom are the perfect supplement to any milk foam head.

Our cocoa shakers.

How about another dash of cocoa? The highlight of any hot drink.

Chocolate enjoyment in an unusual form - that's what our BecksCocoa shakers stand for. A pinch of cocoa powder sprinkled on top of the milk foam is the perfect crown for a delicious hot beverage. The shakers, available in four different flavours, taste as good with cocoa as with a chai latte or classic coffee.

Criollo sensures the finish of the 100% best cocoa. Bitter, processed without sugar or additives.  Sinnermann sprinkles a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom over your favourite drink. A Chockwork Orange is refined with orange and ginger.  As I Went Out Walking  conjures the lavender fields of the Provence in the nose and in the palate.


Tomato Chill Bill

Cocoa marinade

Grilled marinated tomatoes taste even better with vanilla and a tablespoon of BecksCocoa Chill Bill - our fieriest cocoa variety. All you need is a grill (barbeque) and a little bit of patience.

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Cocoa heart

Made with love

A heart made of fine BecksCocoa powder is the perfect (milk foam) crown for any hot beverage. Whether on cocoa, a chai latte or a coffee drink - the cocoa heart shows it was made with love. And with a bit of skill, it can be done in no time. We'll show you how to do it.

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