The BecksCocoa philosophy.

Organic. Fair-trade. Put simply: enjoyment of cocoa in every way.

In the beginning, there was the bean. The passion for excellent cocoa. And the goal of creating an extravagant drink for connoisseurs. The roots of BecksCocoa are in Michael Beck's kitchen in the Westend neighbourhood of Munich, the centre of his creative work. Today, we combine the passion of BecksCocoa and expertise of a manufacturer with the experience and selling power of a large company.

The most important aspect of our self-image is our focus on organic and fair-trade raw materials as well as our responsibility to the producers on-site. The cocoa farmers who work with BecksCocoa should be able to live from the fruits of their labour. This only works if they can sell their cocoa bean harvests at fair prices. "That is why we concentrate on the so-called handshake in direct and fair trade and on resource-friendly and transparent production", explains Michael Beck.

With success: the fine cocoas and the sugar in all BecksCocoa products are all grown organically and traded fairly. And all other products are "all natural", meaning processed without additives, and - whenever possible - organic. "You can only really enjoy cocoa when the delight in an excellent product is shared by all", says Michael Beck. "Of course, this means our customers, our employees and retailers. But it also means our cocoa farmers who create the foundation for our cocoa specialities by cultivating, caring for and harvesting the raw product".