Our cocoas are compositions made with a whole lot of love and creative skill.

And with only the best raw materials good enough to go into a BecksCocoa our nineteen cocoa specialty blends marry the world's best cocoa powders with cane sugar or coconut sugar, spices and natural aromas, so you can indulge in pure chocolate, hot in your cup.

We support fair trade and use organic ingredients wherever this is possible. 

 Less sweet and no artificial additives – that's how we like to fill our Chai cups. Find out about the three offbeat flavours we dedicated to India's national drink: 

  • Masala
  • Matcha / Marzipan

. Matcha / Marzipan  


The very special about our spreads is a high content of nuts in combination with the chocolaty cocoa from beckscocoa.

Certainly we use organic and fair trade ingredients, free from palm tree oil and vegan.

Experience that unique summer feeling with an invigorating iced treat that comes with a distinct fruity touch: Our Nude and White Wedding frappés are blended with cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla and a hint of coconut. With a combination like that in hand who needs to plan a holiday? 

Just because we love it. Omkafé produces their coffee specialties old fashioned; slow and in low temperature in a drum roaster. 

Tastings happens directly in the origins. 

The full range of BecksCocoa in one set: get one of our trial packages to sample and taste your way through our creations. Alone or with friends. To give away, or to keep for yourself.  

Not to forget: The cocoa cup is the main add-on for a pure indulgence.