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Slowly roasted. Long-lasting Aroma. Our Specialty Coffee Partner.

While we are experts for cocoa beans we trust our partner Omkafè when it comes to the coffee equivalent. Why? Quite simply, it's Omkafè's “all' italiana“ approach. The care and attention they put into selecting the right beans is outright ceremonial: Tasting the coffee in its country of origin (cup tasting), Omkafè experts ensure they choose only the best grades for their specialty creations. And following the Italian tradition, hot air roasters are given plenty of time to slowly get the best of the beans.

Coffee roasting is a complex process where every blend requires a separate recipe – that is passed on from roast generation to roast generation. Another secret behind the Omkafè intensity is the way the brown beans cool down: The Omkafè experts allow the beans to air-cool and don't quench them with water. Before the blends go on sale they are given seven days to mature, making sure an enduring Omkafè aroma can build up slowly.

Omkafé hat seit einiger Zeit eine Bioespresso, den wir Euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen.


Eine Mischung edler Arabica-Kaffeesorten, die aus biologischem Anbau stammen und mit Sorgfalt geröstet und veredelt wurden, um Ihnen einzigartige Genussmomente zu schenken.
Der TerraViva BIO Kaffee ist aus der Forschung und der Leidenschaft Omkafès für die guten Dinge des Lebens entstanden, die mit einem Lächeln und dem ganzen Herzen gemacht werden.
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