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BecksCocoa – a choice Selection

100% Quality Cocoa. Organic Quality. Fair Trade.

Now what makes our drinking chocolates so unique? First of all, the brown beans always take centre stage. We gingerly add aromas to accentuate the character of a cocoa - never to override it. A smooth premium cocoa, combined with the flavour of sun-ripened oranges is one of those examples of perfect pairing. Or take the intense chocolate flavour of a cocoa matched with a finely weighted dose of chilli. Organic cocoa beans are at the heart of every premium cocoa, and that's why we source our fair trade beans from trusted growers in West Africa, Peru or Tanzania.

With the exception of "White Wedding" and "The Fudge" all our flavours are vegan and void of animal products. You can buy our premium cocoas either in resealable 250g tin cans or 25g sample sachets. For bars and restaurants we offer large 1.5kg cans.

100% Quality Cocoa

Orgnically grown

Fair Trade

The Rookie!
Beet me up! Beetroot

Die neue BecksCocoa-Sorte BEET me up! Combining two super foods, our latest creation BEET me up! perfectly captures the zeitgeist. Premium cocoa and beetroot combine with an unconventional spice combo of mustard seeds, allspice, juniper berry and cloves to give you a feel-good deep purple drink - or a new flavour to add to sweet and savoury recipes

A premium cocoa accompanied by beetroot, mustard seeds, allspice, juniper berries and cloves is somewhat reminiscent of Borscht, a sour soup commonly served in Russia. This specialty cocoa is set to boost spirits! We call it "the trendy one".
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Our Classics 
Spicy, floral or smooth. Nineteen choice taste experiences.
A cocoa experience as individual as our taste: BecksCocoa has come up with nineteen unique cocoa flavours to prove how much you can do with the cocoa bean and how well it blends with spices and herbs. In our quest for surprising and bold sensory adventures we follow a simple path: test new taste combinations, bring together rare aromas, experiment with spices and essences and pick up on current trends. Our absolute classics include 100% unflavoured South-American cocoa Criolloand ourNude,blended with finest Bourbon vanilla. Other long-running cocoas include   Sinnermann, a combination of Ceylon cinnamon and a hint of cardamom, and The Fudge, the perfect mix of premium cocoa and cream fudge.
Chill Bill and Hot Winterare the choice for cold winter days, with the latter one an excellent alternative to mulled wine. As I Went Out Walking infuses your palate with the flowery note of provençal lavender fields while our Amydala oozes amaretto and marzipan. Delicate mint flavour is the hallmark of the refreshing Before NineSinnerman forteis completely sugar-free, but comes with a "forte" dash of cinnamon. Ginger and a trace of allspice enrich our Dschindscha. For those who like it smooth we recommend A Chockwork Orange, fragrant with sun-ripened oranges, and White Weddinga melange of white chocolate, coconut and vanilla. T.E. Lawrence ist mit türkischem Kaffee verfeinert und erinnert mit Datteln und einem Hauch Kardamom an den Orient. Neu gesellt sich Beet me up! dazu. Ein Edelkakao mit einer Beigabe an Roter Beete etwas Senf, Piment, Wacholderbeeren und Nelken erinnert an den russischen Eintopf Borschtsch.
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 Criollo (pure cocoa) 

100 Prozent bester Kakao, herb, ohne Zucker, ohne Zusätze. Ein Stück Südamerika zum Genießen.

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Sinnermann (cinnamon)

Echter Ceylonzimt veredelt diesen Klassiker. Kardamom gibt ihm die richtige Tiefe. Einer unserer Klassiker.

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 As I went out walking (lavender) 

Eine Hommage an die Lavendelfelder der Provence. Dezentes, feines Aroma.

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A Chockwork Orange

Edelkakao, ganz dezent komponiert mit dem Geschmack von sonnengereiften Orangen und einem Hauch Ingwer.

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Amydala (marzipan)

Eine deutlich bemerkbare, doch leichte Bittermandelnote erinnert an beides, sowohl Amaretto als auch Marzipan.

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Before Nine (fine mint)

Ein erfrischendes Geschmackserlebnis mit leichtem, feinsten Minzgeschmack.

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Chill Bill (chilli)

Some believe the chilli pod is an aphrodisiac. Timid virgin at first, to become a fiery vamp. The chilli's mild pungency is the crowning finish to a very chocolaty cocoa.

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Dschindscha (ginger)

Ingwer im "Denglischen" und zur Unterstützung eine Beigabe Piment. Dezente Ingwernoten komplettieren vollmundigen Edelkakao. Eine klassische Komposition für Liebhaber. 

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Hot Winter (winter spices)

A sensational alternative to mulled wine! Ten wintry spices, a dash of chilli and any festive shiver be banned. Great to enjoy as a chilled summer drink. Just ignore the suggestive name. 

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Nude (vanilla)

Purest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Finely dosed to just give you an idea. Yet unmistakable, mellow and irresistible.

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Sinnerman forte (cinnamon)

Luxury cocoa, refined with a “forte“ share of cinnamon. No sugar, 96% cocoa. For guilt-free, sophisticated cocoa enjoyment with a cinnamony extra.  

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T.E. Lawrence (mocha)

The caffeinated cocoa with an Arab sprinkling is an oriental homage: refined with Turkish coffee, dates and a trace of cardamom, T.E. Lawrence reinvigorates tired spirits.

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The Fudge (caramel)

Edelkakao mit Sahnekaramell. Lieblich süßlich im Geschmack. Kinder entlockt es ein "umpff".

*Zimt und Muskatnuss

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White Wedding (white chocolate)

Trinkschokolade ohne Kakao. Erfrischende Kokosnuss und ein Hauch von Vanille geben dieser Schokolade ihren einzigartigen Charakter. Für alle die es weiß mögen.
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Der Michel – The normal one

The cocoa mix for those who like to keep things straight. Sweet, and imbued with Michael Beck's favourite childhood spices*, this is an option everyone can settle on – even the young at heart.

Dieser Kakao enthält 35 % Kakao, ideal für Kinder, Erwachsene, Schokoladenjunkies und  Kakaoverrückte.

*Zimt und Muskatnuss

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Günther – The hipster cocoa

Der Günther ist entstanden für die Vieltrinker unter den froh-herben Kakaotrinkern. 

Hier sind zwei Single Origins vereint mit weniger Zucker. Alles nur, damit die Hipster zu Ihrem Schokoladenrecht kommen.

Die Dose ist genug für bis zu zwanzig Tassen Kakao. Kalt oder warm. Mit einem Kakaoanteil von 66 %.

Our Especials
Finest single origin cocoas. A tribute to the world's cocoa varieties.  
Location. Location. Location. The character of the bean depends on where the cocoa tree grows. That's why the unblended cocoas of our Single Origin Series rank among our most exciting creations. The series celebrates the world's cocoa varieties and lets foodies experience the pure aroma of each location.  Especial no. 4, from the Dominican Republic, is a classic drinking chocolate with an initial tender note of bitter chocolate, accompanied by a fine vein of caramel. The Tanzanian cocoa used in Especial no. 5 ist ein Zartbitterkakao aus Tansania, der den Gaumen mit erdigen und holzigen Geschmacksnoten erfreut. Erhältlich in den wiederverschließbaren 250 g Designdosen und in 25 g Probiersachets.
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Especial no. 4

60% Edelkakao aus der Dominikanischen Republik

This drinking chocolate from the Dominican Republic at first tenderly gets to you with a subtly bitter chocolate taste and a delicate caramel note before the full chocolate intensity comes alive.

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Especial no. 5

72 % Zartbitterkakao aus Tansania Zartbitter mit erdigen und holzigen Noten, zergeht die Trinkschokolade aus Afrika auf der Zunge. Mit einem Kakaoanteil von 72 % schmeckt sie besonders ehrlich schokoladig. .

Our cocoa shakers 

Looking for an extra sprinkling? Get the perfect topping for your hot drinks.  

A different way to enjoy chocolate – that's just what our BecksCocoa cocoa shakers are made for. Sprinkled with a dash of cocoa, every frothy head becomes a crown. The shakers, available in four different flavours, are the perfect accessory for your Chai Latte and even your classic coffee.
Criollo sorgt für einen Abschluss aus 100 Prozent bestem Kakao. Herb, ohne Zucker und ohne Zusätze. Sinnermann streut eine Prise von Ceylonzimt und Kardamom über das LieblingsgetränkA Chockwork Orange verfeinert mit Orange und Ingwer. Und die Lavendelfelder der Provence zaubert As I Went Out Walking in die Nase und auf den Gaumen.
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 Criollo cocoa shaker 

Genussvoll verstreut: Ein herbes Kakaopulver ohne Zucker oder Zusätze.

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Kakaostreuer Sinnerman

Ceylonzimt und Kardamom veredeln jede Milchschaumkrone.