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Who we are.

Inventor. Founder. An Adventure.


It all started in a Kitchen.

“Everything else just was not good enough.“ Almost 20 years ago, this grievance was the starting point and motivation for Michael Beck to set up BecksCocoa. Some of the best things in life emerge when demanding people create something for themselves and are passionate about their idea. It started when, in his kitchen in Munich's Westend district, Michael Beck mixed aromas, cocoa grades and origins to create his first individual and at times extravagant specialty cocoas. The originator's passion that went in can still be felt with every sip.

We see cocoa as something pure and honest. A food that represents warmth and a sense of comfort. Which is why we made “Cocoa“ an essential part of the brand name.

Amid all that passion about new flavours we make sure that cocoa is the main act. In every sachet and every can. We are careful not to overstate spice combinations. Their supporting role is to highlight the individual character of each cocoa blend – and not to bury it. After all, the most essential thing in a cocoa drink is the cocoa. Enjoy it and feel the happiness! 

Our Mission and what makes us special.

Here at BecksCocoa our passion for cocoa is undiminished. We've come a long way since we started out in 1998. BecksCocoa's extravagant quality cocoas have long since forged a reputation in the German and international chocolate business. We continue to live up to that with an updated product range, restructured operations and an unwavering passion for the dark bean and sustainable growers.

Worked up an Appetite for more BecksCocoa? Here's what makes BecksCocoa so special. 

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Our Philosophy

Read our Mission Statement to find out why fair trade raw materials mean so much to us.

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Fantastic cocoas deserve sustainable containers.

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Certified Quality

Download the certificates that attest our operations and the high quality of BecksCocoa products.