The BecksCocoa chai specialities.

Spicy, fruity, exotic. Our homage to the Indian spiced tea.

The flavour of India in a cup of tea: Michael Beck's inspiration for our Spice series was the Indian national drink, masala spiced tea. To prepare traditional masala, the so-called chai wallah boils, for instance, cinnamon, green cardamom, ginger, white pepper, cloves and nutmeg in black tea for several hours. This creates an intense spicy masala flavour which originates from Ayurvedic teachings. In Europe, masala tea is know as "chai". The secret of a perfect chai? "For me, it is the interaction of selected spices with black tea, hot milk and sugar in moderation", says Michael Beck. "This is what creates the fine and invigorating effect of chai". 

Which combination of spices tastes good to the individual tea drinker is as diverse as the variety of flavours. The BecksCocoa spices series includes four organic chai specialities. What they have in common is that they are less sweet than is common and can therefore carry the spice flavours very well. The Om variety is an homage to the classic Indian masala tee. With black tea and typical Indian spices, it is both stimulating and relaxing.

Enchantment embodies pure enjoyment and zest for life. Vanilla from Madagascar, anise and orange are the secret of this enticing mixture. Matcha meets marzipan? Of course! The  Sono variety combines these flavours into a fresh, harmonic mixture, rounded out with a touch of pistachio.  Dune is a caffeine-free version based on rooibos tea. Michael Beck adds a discreet note of mango to the spicy rooibos. The result: fruity, invigorating tea.



Indischer Schwarztee trifft landestypische Gewürze. Der Chai-Klassiker von BecksCocoa



Matcha, marzipan and a touch of pistachio. A harmonious, fresh chai.



A rooibos tea base with a touch of fruity mange. Our caffeine-free chai.


Iced chai latte

Ice cold and aromati

This version of the classic chai latte invigorates and refreshes with a spice mixture from India and ice cubes from your freezer at home. The best part: you can prepare it quicker than you can say "ice cold and aromatic".

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