Gentle roasting. Lasting flavour. Our partner for coffee specialities.

We are the experts for delicious cocoa treats. When it comes to the coffee bean, we let our partner Omkafè take over. Omkafè for stands for coffee enjoyment "all'italiana", and it has for many generations. The careful selection of the coffee beans is a small ceremony in itself: with so-called cup tasting, the sampling of the coffee in its home country, the Omkafè experts ensure that only products of the highest quality find their way into Omkafè creations. Hot air roasters are used in line with Italian tradition to ensure very long and gentle roasts.

But a roast is not just a roast: there is a recipe for every individual mixture - and this recipe is carried from roast generation to roast generation. Another secret of the intense Omkafè flavour is the way the brown bean is cooled: the Omkafè experts let the roasted beans gently cool down in the air without using water. The mixtures are left to rest for seven days before they are sold. This lets the typical Omkafè flavour unfold slowly and sustainably. 

We have selected two distinctive gourmet Omkafè mixtures for the BecksCocoa shop:  Omkafè Platino  is a composition of 92% Arabica and 8% Robusta beans with a sweet, mild flavour and a caffeine content of less than 1.7%. You can taste dried apricot, honey, white nougat (Torrone) and marzipan.  Omkafè Diamante is a powerful mixture which also combines 92% Arabica and 8% Robusta beans. Flavours of chocolate, caramel, whiskey cream and dried fruit lend this variety its individual character. Perfect for an invigorating start to the day, for a quick break, or anytime at all! 


Omkafè Platino

Flavours of apricot, honey, white nougat and marzipan characterise this sweet, mild coffee.


Omkafè Diamante

A powerful coffee mixture with flavours of chocolate, caramel, whiskey cream and dried fruit.