The BecksCocoa chocolate specialities.

A delicious coating: our peppermint drops are covered in chocolate.

A little piece of happiness you can bite into: this is how our Nom Noms can spread joy in the blink of an eye. A fine shell made of dark chocolate covers a mint core with exquisite peppermint oil. Made for a private moment of pure enjoyment. Or for a snack with friends. Or to suck on. Or to chew. However you feel like enjoying them. What characterises Nom Noms from BecksCocoa: "The little things in life: huge enjoyment in compact drop form", explains founder and chocolate specialist Michael Beck. "Nom Noms are definitely addictive". The chocolate peppermint drops are available in two varieties: the Mint variety - as the name suggests - is pure mint indulgence. Orange Mint has a touch of orange oil to thank for its irresistible taste.


Nom Nom Mint

Dark shell, refreshing core: our peppermint drops are covered in chocolate. 


Nom Nom Orange Mint

A chocolate peppermint drop with a touch of orange oil. Where can I get more?